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Mermaid Tail Macrame Key Chains

Mermaid Tail Macrame Key Chains

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Our Mermaid Tail Macrame Key Chains are perfect for adding a touch of mermaid magic to your accessories! Each key chain is handmade with 100% cotton cord and designed with our daughter's love of mermaids in mind. You can purchase our premade keychains as-is, or add extra charms to make it unique to you. We also offer custom orders so you can pick your colors and the number of charms you want. These keychains make a great addition to your keys, purse, back pack and more


We have three sizes available: M=Mini, S=Small and R=Regular

First photo shows an image difference with the three side by side.


Mini's come with 3 cords within the design (typically 1 color can do 2). Average Measurements are: 3"L x 3/4"W

Small's come with 4 cords within the design (one or two colors). Average Measurements are: 3 1/3"L x 1"W

Regulars come with 5 cords within the design (one, two or three colors). Average Measurements are: 5"L x 1 1/4"W

****We measure the cord design only and width is the main body of the design.

We say "average measurement" because some cord, even if from the same manufacture and same cord size, some colors seems to be a little thicker than others. Also, if we're at the end of a roll and there's a little extra, well we don't like to waste cord so yours may be a little bit longer. We try to keep all within 1/2" of the average measurements.


You'll notice we have some premade. Some with charms and some without. If they have charms they're sold as is. If they don't you're welcome to add charms and we'll add them before shipping.

The price for adding charms listed is for 1 charm. If you order 3 keychains and want a charm added to each you'll need to order 3 charm add ons.


There's an array of colors available so custom orders are always welcome and preferred. Well try to keep a small stock available online for those who don't want to wait.

The first set of colors with numbers listed have a slight shimmer to them or you can choose from normal cord colors as well.

Please note we do not always have all colors in stock. A lot take 1-2 months to get in, while we try to keep some stock we can't keep all colors at all times. Please be aware even though we try to get custom orders out within a week it can take up to 10 weeks if the specific color is on back order.

Custom Items listed do NOT have charms included in the pricing. It's just for the mermaid tail key chain themselves. If you wish to have charms added, please add however many of each type to your cart as well.

  • 100% cotton. Okay to handwash if you need, but would recommend just taking some water with a rag if you must. It's an accessory and can dirty easily if outside a lot.

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