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You Asked, We Answered

Why do you have so many different product lines?

Honestly, we had three different business at one point. One for the herbal products, one for the yarn based products, and one for the the wine glasses/coffee mugs. It got a bit overwhelming and I actually stopped all of them in favor of just doing some custom orders to those who knew I did them and making herbal products for select family/friends and reduced it. I was also working over 80 hours per week being a President of a small business at the same time and it all became too much. Once some things changed, I decided I wanted my focus to be on herbalism, but wanted to keep my crafty side as well so we merged everything into one spot. Easier on me personally, but a lot of clients liked the one stop shop as well.

What is your return policy?

Please note we have 3 different policies:

1. Any herbal/botanically based products we do not accept returns on. Simply because we would have to throw them away and it is a waste. Please make sure you want these before checkout.

2. Custom orders are final! We make sure you know exactly what you're asking for, colors, sizes, quantities, etc. prior to invoicing you for your custom orders. We do not accept returns of any kind on custom orders.

3. For everything else in our shop we have a 14 day return policy. You are responsible for the return shipping. You must email us directly at advising to your return. Items must be returned undamaged to receive a refund. Please note anything which is on sale, all sale items are final and no returns are accepted.

Please note if the item was damaged during shipping. Please send photos to our email the same day your package arrived (photos of the damaged package as well as damaged product(s) must be received) and we'll either send you a replacement, offer something similar or provide a refund.

What is your shipping policy?

Our shipping varies based on product. Any products already made and available ship within 1-3 business days.

All custom and pre-orders will vary. Specific time lines are listed within each individual product for these scenario's.

All subscription orders ship between the 1st and the 5th of each month (If you're ordering on the 6th and do not want to wait a month for the subscription, we recommend ordering one of the normal product when signing up for the subscription for the same product).

We drop off at the post office every Saturday afternoon! If we have a lot of orders come in over the weekend we'll drop off again Tuesday.

Do you take custom orders?


A lot of our business is custom orders. We do require approval and partial payment upfront for supply ordering on custom orders. This is non-refundable. It's something we started doing because we would purchase a lot of supplies upfront, get started and had too many people "change their minds" and we were out the cost & time.

Depending on what it is sometimes we can turn it around and use it, but a lot of the bulk of our "custom orders" is in the art side of our business and in order to stop the last minute cancellations we were receiving, we came up with this. I love doing custom orders, but they tend to be extremely time consuming and I do not have a typical hourly rate I charge.

We do offer custom labels if you're wanting any of our products like a lotion, as a wedding or party favor.

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts as well and if there's any other businesses wanting our products we do offer a wholesale price just know as mentioned above, we do not up-charge a lot therefor there's not a huge discount for wholesale like with most companies. We try to keep our products affordable for all vs having a higher profit margin.

What's the Loyalty Program?

Bella's Botanicals & Boutique loyalty program is FREE to join for everyone. It's our way of giving back to customers & clients who order from us. A small token of appreciation as a Thank You for helping support our small business and family. You earn points just by signing up and it's 1 point for every dollar in product purchase you spend. Once you reach enough points to redeem your discount you will receive an email and can use them during checkout for a discount on your next order.

We also have a FB VIP group we started for those who wish to know about new products before they're released. This gives people the option to know what's coming down the pipeline (at least a month prior to release) and sometimes we offer a pre-pre order discount for our VIP group. Search for Bella's Botanicals VIP Group

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